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Wolfberry + barbarb + quail eggs

Wolfberry + barbarb + quail eggs
Many people like to eat fermented eggs, but the recommended Chinese wolfberry eggs are quail eggs. This is because quail eggs are rich in protein, B vitamins and vitamin A, E and so on, and boiled with fermented wine, it also produces enzymes and active substances that are beneficial to the skin of women. One bowl a day, let your skin tender and glossy.
The efficacy of Chinese wolfberry:
Wolfberry is a good nourishing liver and kidney, is also one of the raw materials commonly used in beauty medicated diet, vitamin A content is also very rich. When these foods are added together, the color of the women after eating is more moist and moving.
Making methods:
When the wolfberry is boiled, 200 grams of fermented wine are boiled, and then 5 grams of wolfberry, a proper amount of ice sugar and 50 grams of uniform quail egg liquid are added in turn.
Quail eggs are more nutritious than eggs, but eggs can also be used. It is important to remember that eating egg yolk is better than protein, especially cholesterol, which is also beneficial to breast development. Postpartum new mothers eat every day, not only to ensure that they have high quality milk, the skin will become better and better.
Papaya red jujube lotus seed honey
Nourishing the blood and nourishing the face
In the dry autumn and winter season, making a hot papaya jujube lotus seed honey, not only warm up and warm your heart, but also help skin resist dry weather. Prepare papaya, red dates, lotus seeds, honey and rock sugar. First, add jujube and lotus seeds with proper amount of sugar and cook them for ready use. Then papaya is split and seeded. The jujube, lotus seeds and honey are placed in papaya, and can be eaten after steaming through the cage.
The beauty of papaya:
Papaya is well known for its beauty, nourishing and nourishing lactation. It also has a good therapeutic effect on people with indigestion or constipation. When it comes to beauty treatment, papaya can be eaten with milk, and can also be used to make dishes or porridge. Jujube is a traditional food that regulates endocrine, enriching blood and nourishing the face. If jujube is mixed with lotus seed, it will increase the function of regulating menstruation and replenishing qi and nourishing the body.
When eating, be sure to eat the papaya together. After dinner, this nutritious product is most suitable for a dessert so that the whole family can enjoy it together.
Corn soup with walnut pine nuts
Beauty and chest
Walnuts and pine nuts are women's classic nourishing foods. They are rich in vitamin E and zinc, which are good for moisturizing skin and delaying skin aging. In addition, their protein, minerals, B vitamins are also rich in beauty, hairdressing. Walnuts and pine nuts are good sources of linolenic acid, which is the latest popular health care product and has the function of stimulating estrogen synthesis. Corn itself is rich in vitamin E, and it is also an expert skin beauty food.
Making methods:
The method is very simple. Take appropriate amount of broth, add sugar and corn, cook it in small heat, sprinkle walnut kernel and pine nuts.
It is best to buy raw walnut meat and pine nuts, stir fry them, and preferably use linolenic acid sunflower oil. When you eat walnut pine nuts and corn soup, you should not overdo it. It is recommended to drink a small bowl every day.