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One) anticancer beauty Ru barley rice


One, the self introduction of the

One) anticancer beauty Ru barley rice

One, the self introduction of the job
Coix seed, also known as coix seed, coix seed and coix seed, is a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine and a common and frequently eaten food.
Ingredients: the main ingredients of the seed are protein, vitamin B1 and B2.
1, beneficial to water swelling, spleen and dampness, relieve tendons in addition to Bi, clearing away heat and purulent pus, and so on, are commonly used to promote dampness and dampness.
2. For hair: it has nourishing hair, prevents hair loss, and makes hair soft and smooth.
3. For skin: smooth skin, reduce wrinkles and eliminate pigment spots. It has a significant effect on facial acne and skin roughness. In addition, it has the ability to absorb ultraviolet light, and its extraction can also achieve the effect of sunscreen and UV protection.
4, in addition, coix seed is a kind of thing, boiled soft or fry, is more conducive to the absorption of the stomach and intestines, the body often feel tired, no strength can eat more. It is rich in proteolytic enzymes, which can soften the skin and make skin warts, rough and unsmooth.
PS: About mm of the job Forum
Today, I went to Tongrentang to see acne. By the way, I asked about rice.
Many JM said before that he could whiten, lose weight and so on, so I bought it too. Later, some people said that the rice was too cold and not good for the body, so they went to Tongrentang today to ask the doctor.
Doctors say that the main function of rice is dehumidification. It can really whiten, and it can also treat flat warts. Also said that the rice is a very good thing, eat more than there will be no side effects Oh, and that is, buy the rice must buy domestic, do not buy imported, domestic effect is better! When we buy, we must pay attention to it!
I also asked about the matter of raw and cooked rice. The doctor said it was almost the same. If it's powder, it doesn't matter. If it's eaten, it must be cooked.
Two) talk about the use of mm in forum
A, sound one
The day before the day before the street bought a green bean powder and coi flour, the same day made a mask, second day morning, feeling that the skin is not a little burden, not greasy;
Second, it has a great effect on the bean that I accumulate all the year round. Because there was a big bag that I had been inflamed by my devastated bean, it was applied for a night with a mask, and the second day surprise found that the bag was missing, and the most important thing was that it didn't hurt.
Third, colleagues say that the skin is bright, and the skin is very good. I think this is the role of the rice seed powder. Chinese medicine says: moistens the skin, leaves the spot, prevents the hair loss, also has the diet effect.
My specific practice is: 1, wash two kinds of things, soak all night. 2, dry or dry. 3, stir fry for two hours with a slight fire until the leaves of the Coix seed become yellowish and the mung bean flour becomes ripe. 4. Stir fry mung beans and coix seed into flour. While I am making a mask, I add two kinds of powder together with sugar to make the bean paste, and then I eat it after freezing. It tastes really good. So the skin is a lot better. Skin care: sonorous and bleaching battle this summer
B, sound two
In this jar, you can see many sisters are pretty good. Then he went to the pharmacy to buy it.
After going home every day after drinking, dregs used to make facial mask, about half a month, my sister came to see me, and I said I had a lot of skin, white and bright. In fact, I just rubbed the cream and nothing else.  HOHO, I'm so happy - ~ ~.
First small fire fried two hours fried to yellowing, the final must use small stone grinding, traditional practice, so the effect of grinding out very good! Can be applied external adjustment, external application: water and Huaihua honey blend made of mask, internal tune can be porridge, water can drink. ,
C, sound three
At the beginning, the whitening effect was not obvious, but the effect of swelling on the body was surprisingly good. I am not fat, but my lower body always feels fat, my face is round and my profile is not sharp. But the effect of swelling of the tea is obvious. I found out a few weeks later that my calf was thinner. I was surprised. Now my face is not swollen.
The effect of whitening was slowly presented after more than a month's persistence. Now the complexion is really brighter than before. It can not be said that it is very white, but the complexion has indeed brightened up.  However, we must note that this coix seed powder must be discontinued during menstruation and pregnancy, otherwise it will not be good for the body.
Three) the face mask of honey milk
150 grams of cokimi, soaked in pure water for three hours, the best is the mineral water, then boil the water in a pot and shut the fire, pour the water into a large bowl, and add two spoons of honey half a cup of milk when the water temperature is low to about 20 degrees, and then cool and put it in the refrigerator. After every night wash face, use this water blister paper film for twenty minutes, at the same time using water to clap the neck, second days face will be very good, a month after the skin is obviously white, pores are also meticulous.
Material Science:
1. Seed of job's tears (also known as coix seed, coix seed, rice kernel, supermarket and Chinese medicine house).
2, milk (fresh milk, skim milk is better, not suitable for yogurt, fruit milk, milk powder, coffee companion).
3, honey (ordinary honey on the line, for honey allergy caution)
4, pure water (mineral water, water can be boiled)
5, paper film (supermarkets, cosmetic shops, beauty salons, KOSE counters, online stores have sales, depending on the economic ability to buy. )
1, wash about 100 grams of job's tears.
2, put the job's tears in a pot and put 4 times of water (the best mineral water).